Monday, 13 July 2009

Someone like me

It takes a lot to love someone like me. Therefore a hat must be taken off to a man that actually tries and stays at it. Luke is a rock, and I should be greateful and further more happy that he actually wants to love me. I have therfore stopped entertaining the idea of another man and started focusing my energy on luke. He may not be perfect but he loves me and that should be enough. Men come and men go, but luke has thus far proved his longevity. If I havent learned anything by all this blogging I should remember the guys that just want to use me dont stay around long. Love is different things to different people.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Love me or leave me but let me be lonely

90 mill.. hahaha if only..

Interview went great thanks GOT THE JOB... just need to sort out paper work.

Further bullying =by email but apparently its ok..say the management.

I am SO out of there. Also asked (along with 4 others) to move wards.

Think I may kick up a storm before I go though.

Now Im having trouble. Luke, wonderful, caring charming Luke has competition. The only thing apart from success this guy has going for him and of course being nearer my age is the pheromones. What do I do? Do I do anything? Is it just a crush. Luke is so obviously the best choice in this case, but if Im attracted to other people thats serious isnt it? I should leave shouldnt I?
Photo from a night out 2 weeks ago.