Monday, 23 February 2009


Moved into a house at the weekend. I now (at least for the next 6 months) live in a townhouse in a gated complex in Australia, with a pool and a gym! Its quite nice really.

Started work today. Wow. Kids screaming, fecal smearing... prefer a 9-5 desk job web designing but at least this pays the bills and I get to change and save lives... This week is gonna be hard while I get used to working again (its been a year!) and get used to nursing again (its been 5 years!)

So looks like I am settled in australia. Its not what I wanted but its where Im at now, so just get along with it. Its not a bad place to be, and Lukes not a bad person to be with. Hope one day I can give him my heart.

Talking of that, heard Thomas is having a baby with his gf which is a bit weird, but am happy for him. Its weird to think if i had settled down a bit it could have been me, but at the rate I am going I will never have kids.

This week is gonna be hard.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Its been almost a year since I updated my main photo, so here is a pic from Sydney last week.. I look older :(

Valentines day.. well, less said there the better.

SO I start work week on monday.. I am terrified.. its been a long time since I worked.. let alone with tearaway kids..! Lots to organise now I have THE VISA.. medicare, drivers license... shipping my shit over...

Had an offer on my apartment too.. a very low offer.. 160,000dk under the asking price... but such is the climate atm!

Spendin this week running around doing paperworkas Monday 23rd 8am I start...WORKING!!!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I got notification of my Visa approval today! So now I am granted leave to work in AU for 4 years! I have to finalise paperwork but should start work next week! Im a bit scared, its been a while since i worked, let alone as a Nurse!!!

Lukes crazy ex girlfriend has started to write to me on facebook. I am a little worried as she seems quite crazy, and Im not sure why she has started to write to me. Its all crazy stuff.. this is the last email:

You do realise the password to your "boyfriends" email is luvcandy15 try it yourself if you dont believe me.
Have fun : ) and tell luke i said our chat last week was really sweet.
Ta ta!

I have never met this girl, so can only assume she is completely insane. Still am used to working with insane people so just ignoring it and have now blocked emails from her.

Just need to find a house now and settle down-finally!

Spent the last 5 days in Sydney with Luke. It was great. Love all the asian markets and Darling harbour.. also went to star city casino and had a go on the pokies... would be a great place to get hair rebonded, if I ever go back. Wish there were more asian hairdressers in WA. We had a reat time, and I think it brought us closer together, as we both seemed to want to do the same things and have the same amount of energy.

Photos to follow...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I (H)ate Gluten

Gluten is evil. Since Lukes birthday I have had muscle aches, mouth and throat ulcers, pimples, leg and feet cramps and exhaustion. Gluten is NOT worth it, however tempting.

Australia day was interesting. Now I know why all the Aussies in London get sad and go crazy on Australia Day. Weather was beautiful, and it was Lukes mums birthday, and she hired a beach house in Halls Head, about an hour south from Perth. Fantastic, went out on their boat a lot.

Thursday we head to Sydney to sightsee and to see TopGear... very exciting! Lookin forward to seeing more of AUS, just hoping I get more energy! PMSing to hell and Glutened too.. Still Im craving steaks , duck and spinach... a strange mix, but hpefully it helps get me better.
Also Luke gave me a spa day voucher for christmas so tomorrow I get to go to the spa and also get my haircut... its so long now- hasnt been cut for months. Need to start smartnening myself up ready to start application is in so it could be any day now...!