Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year and Still Here

Okay I survived the meds, using a very good psychologist and a very good hypnotist. Im back at work and actually enjoying it. Im stronger, louder, prouder and more positive.

I spent christmas with Lukes family, new years with new friends and have innumerable dates. But Im not ready to be in a relationship, I want to heal and fix myself completely.

So in summary Im better than new, Im strong and confident and Im going out again (a little too much) Picture is from last saturday with a swede and a zambian.

People in my life right now:
Suzanna a passing swede whos soon moving to sydney :( Turns out I can speak Swedish pretty good!
Luke who is my best mate and we are at a good place right now
Dieter - a south african I met who wants to date me and gets a little clingy, he is lovely tho
Damon - an irish born aussie who we met out last saturday- a perfect gentleman and hyperintelligent
Wesley a very very pretty south african, but a bit of a player.
Angie, a girl from work who I go out with a fair bit

and lets not forget Kasper- my puppy who is a maltese x shitsu.

Life is ok people, life is good :)