Monday, 22 October 2007

Heading to Hanoi

So flights are now booked. I fly ouit October 30th.. next tuesday. Panicking a bit now, haven't much time or energy to pack. Have leased my apartment, sorting out all the visa documentation today has been crazy. And now I'm starting to think, of all the people I will miss, now peopel have started to say they will miss ME! I mean it's only 6 months- and it will fly by, but I will miss people. And my cats :(

But it's all for the good if I come back a better person, right? And I intened to see some of asia, hardly seen any of it- so I can use hanoi as a base to see as much as I can :)

Can't wait to eat proper food again- getting fed up with burgerking/mc d's now!

All I need to do now is find my home in Vietnam..oh and pack these darn boxes!!! Where are all these people that call themselves my friends now when I need them???!

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Doc Nielsen said...

Hon, i'd be glad to help you pack, all you gotta do is ask :)