Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Smiling out loud

You are both right of course, there should be happiness in these bloggings too. Fine.

So I am back here to say despite the flu, hormones, and illnesses I am happy. I do miss the people I used to hang out with sometimes, but it's for the best I guess.

It is nice to have a stable partner though, and whilst we are learning about each other and have our ups and downs it is mostly ups.

Work is also going well right now and I am actually enjoying it- some days.

Music is on hold, which I am kinda sad about but some things take prescedence.

Like sock-monkeys for instance. I love sock monkeys. When(if) I have children I am SO going to make them sock monkeys :) And why is it the word monkey is sooo pleasing?? Ah well the mysteries of life eh? ;)

Why is life always about building to the future, and not about living with what you have now? It's always.. one day...but what about TODAY???


Krest Nisso said...

Sounds great Angel!

thumps up :)

Thomas Ebdrup said...

You are so right Angel. We live for the future and often forget the now. Its sad.
I miss the people I used to see to. More than I wish to. I past has a tendency to ruin the present and future. But life must go on. It must as we cant always get what we want.
Its really nice to hear that you are doing good. You deserve it with all the bad things that has happend.
Miss hearing from you. And follwing you life.

Doc Nielsen said...

Anonymous said...

A word of caution - contentment is the killer of dreams.