Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Busy living

Sometimes the observations I have go by unwritten. This is because I am busy living. I would rather experience than write about, but sometimes I do both.

You know I don't write when I am happy. Well right now I am happy, not quite content, but none the less satisfied. Things are going ok. I still feel like crap with my stomach, but it's ok. Still looking for a new job, new home etc etc. Some things never change.

But living on the outside looking in at life is never very satisfying. So if you wonder where I am. I am out there. Busy living.


Krest Nisso said...

I had actually written this a few moments before I decided to visit your blog; for some reason I find what I wrote rather fitting.

After darkness has shatterd
I've gone to a place
where light reaches out
showing the colors of the world

the truth of a smile
the truth in a cry
are both the same

it's not where you go
even how you get there
or where you've been
it's being alive, alive to grasp

feeling the suns warmth
feeling the rains pour
are both the same

thoughts, stay as thoughts
but still we love to think
think to find the feeling
while feeling our thoughts

life in your mind
life on the outside
are both the same

- it's living

you might agree, you migh not, but that's not what's important...

see you around.

Anonymous said...

"krest nisso" sounds like some kind of acronym ('roses stink' or 'sets risk on'). What does it mean?

Angel, I don't know you personally but as you know, I've been following your blog here and elsewhere long enough to know you a little bit. If I may suggest something, try to write also when things are good and gradually less when things are not so good. Your blog used to be extremely negative and there were times when I wondered if you were suicidal. Whether that was the case or not, I don't know but you made it this far and that's good.

While I understand that you need to put some of your negative thoughts on (virtual) paper to get them out of your system, you also run a risk of putting too much emphasis on those thoughts if they become all you communicate.

Bob le Gentilhomme

Krest Nisso said...

Actually it's Krest Merex Nisso, and no it doesn't mean anything ^^
Albeit a meaning resides within it.

- don't forget to smile out loud Angel.