Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Ok feeling more positive at last! The psychic helped in the self fulfilling prophecy kind of way. Sent my CV out and now have an interview on MONDAY at a private psychiatry clinic, which looks pretty nice.

Also anaged to stand up (a bit) for myself against those bullying bitches at work. One such "lady" shoved her way past me, in the office, despite there being ladders around. I just stood still, and said "excuse me!" she yelled out "well you were in my path" and instead of biting it I say "well it was the wrong path" and leave. When I get back she yells at me "have you got a problem?" I say calmly "no, have you?" and she starts ranting about my attitude, so I counter with her attitude and it was silly pushing past me and ladders in the office, to which she yells "its not your office!" So I just tell her shes been ridiculous and walk out.

There is a lot of stress and animosity at the moment on the unit, everyone is breaking down and attacking each other. There are no clear guidelines so everyone thinks theyre right. Its a mess.
ANd its dangerous. Theyve closed off 4 beds but still, it goes against all my morals and teaching to treat children the way they do there.

Tonight is the 90 million dollar lottery.. so far positive thinking is working for me..;)


Anonymous said...

Solen skinner i DK ;-)


Steve said...

Hi Angel,

Cool about the Interview, how did it go ?

Your run-in with that dopey woman sounds like a blast lol, and it's good that you stood up to he, Well Done sweetheart.

Regardless wether it is Kids or Adults that people deal with no matter what is wrong with them, they deserve to be treated in the same way you or I would expect to be treated. I have seen what they get up to in Romania and it disgusts me, but different countries deal with things differently & personally I couldn't treat anyone like that. Hope you find something different soon Hun.

Correct me i I'm wrong, but I guess you haven't posted because you won the 90mil and thought sod everyone ?

All the best

Steve x x x