Sunday, 17 October 2010

A catch up and a happy ever after?

Sorry its been a while. A lot has happened though. Seriel dating proved a disaster. I had a manic episode after I left my last job, which whilst disturbing led me to swing dance classes a new friend and a potential husband also a medication that actually seems to help.

I am now in a job that is much less stressful and which on most days I actually enjoy.

I have just returned from an 8 week trip around Europe witg said potential hubby, and he is returning in November to start a new life with me, we are planning to have children in a year or so.

I visited Dk and lordy do I miss that place and my Danish mother Marianne. I cried so much when I left.

I also visited the parents and attempted to lay some ghosts to rest which I think helped me too.

So here I am on the verge of a happy ever after with a guy who seems to adore me whatever I do. I was crazy about him too at first but you know me and my changeable mind... We will see what happens when he gets back I guess. The time has come though now to settle and have babies. The clock is ticking.

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