Thursday, 21 October 2010

How low can you go

Poo. Just when I thought things were ok I suddenly hit a brick wall. It started sat with a poor nights sleep with a late shift fri and early sat and straight to work for another double. Was so tired ended up cancelling my extra shift and going home only to be stopped by the police for speeding. Finished my shift on sunday in a blur and monday woke as usual at 0530 to go see the lovely lemon tree in the back yard had be chopped down. I was and am so upset, spent my days off trying to regain energy- going for massage injecting vit b taking extra vits but nothing worked. 

Back to work wednesday and i make two medication errors, extenuating circumstances aside this is not cool. I was pulled up by management who are putting me on probation for a month pulling me off my ward and cancelling my extra shifts. One more med error and im at risk of losing my job. Today i dont feel like working at all. Im losing it. Im not sure Ive been taking my meds properly or at all and im panicking about everything especially about this whole relationship thing. Also Ive been having constant nightmares. Need to see my psych but hes pretty useless and concentrates on medication. Im fucked.


Fickle Cattle said...

Yikes. Looks like you've been having a rough time. I hope things look up soon.

Angel said...

Thanks! I see light at the end of this tunnel tho...:)