Sunday, 29 July 2007

I want romance

Ahh romance.. a man brings you flowers, he kisses you hard on the lips, he leads you to the sofa and asks you about your day kind of romance. Sigh.

Actually I know a guy like that- but I'm in love with the other guy. The one that doesn't have time to see me, speak to me, and appears most of the time to have no interest me. I know it's just his way.. and I love him anyway.. hoping one day he will show some sign of romance. I mean this is the guy I want to marry after all...

So why piss and moan about it if you're willing to put up with it - I hear you cry? I guess somewhere deep inside I'm hoping things will change, circumstances will change and he will love me as much as I love him.

I mean I am like crazy in love with him- all I want to do is spend time with him. But I never see him. It drives me nuts. So why don't you give up and date the other guy? Hey weren't you listening- I'm in love!! Chemically, physically, emotionally- every part of me yearns for him! It's not something I have control over you know!

You crazy bitch get a life! I know ! I know! I currently have two weeks off work, and nothing better to do than think about him... and stop rolling your eyes at me- I'm sure you've been there too...

So here I am home- on "holiday" spending most of my time on the internet- pretending not to be a crazy cat lady (I have two cats..) not leaving the house or seeing anyone.. but you know what? I like it! Yeah I do!

However I'm starting to get bored with it now- so I may start eating and going out next week.. just hope the darn weather cheers up!!


Thomas Ebdrup said...

Thats love fore you. You cant choose who you fall in love with. Its just a shame he does'nt apriciate what he can have. The greatest girl ever.
You cant do anything but wait. One day you will get sick of it and find someone else or he may come around. Only the future will tell.
The perfect guy to marry is there to, but your heart has chosen for you. Not logic. Logic cant win in the long run. It has to be the heart.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry for you
love can really hurt.
seeing how in love you are i just hope he will come around...

Peter Poulsen said...

Well my old MSN friend, sorry to read that love still eludes you. :-(

Even though I would normally advice you to follow your heart, I feel in this case, that I should remind you that the heart isnt allways right, and that you can actually fall in love again. Dont waste your beauty on someone who doesnt reconise it or appriciate it.

But you shouldnt pick someone just because he does all the right things either, because that doesnt bring you happiness, only someone to hold onto. But as soon as life treats you badly, what you have will break and you will actually be the one who has broken a heart this time, which you dont want on your conscience.

Forget them both and I promise you, that you will be smiling and laughing about this some day, while lying in the arms of your prince.

Hugs and kisses
Peter aka Denis_Leary

Michael said...

Hello Angel

Nice to see that you are doing ok even though you are in love with a man that has no time for you it shows us / me / you that you are able to love, and just you wait, if he do not see that he loves you just remember that love is something that has to be taking care of or else love will die.

In my point of view perhaps you should take a break don't think about him focus om love and what you need in your life.

As i see it you need a man that is around you and tells oy that he loves you, not only by words but also an his actions.

Take care my friend

Don't let love hurt you too much.

Hugs and kisses