Monday, 30 July 2007


SMS (or text messaging to you non-Danes) the wonder communication tool- fast, quick, easy unobstrusive...and very very annoying!

Take late night smsing for example, or worse still drunk smsing!! There is no way to take them back and it is incredibly easy to say something stupid to someone who really counts. Everybody has their cell phone on them at all times.. it's the law, I mean you have to, right?

So you send an sms to someone that matters- no reply... you wait and wait- no reply. ARGH what do you do?? How frustrating is that?! I mean at least with email you can think -well maybe they're not logged on.. but with a cell phone, well it's a cell phone!!!

The reply would be an affirmation that I exist.. without that reply- heck I don't exist! What does it take to make me smile? Send expensive flowers, chocolates? No, but a reply to my sms would be nice...

Relationships are difficult at the best of times, but limit communication to sms and you have a catastrophic margin for misunderstanding.. did that smiley mean he was being sarcastic? Without the subtle intonation one finds in voice communication or the glimmer one can see only in the eye, all is open to misinterpretation.

And for me this misinterpretation is doubled with my lack of Danish language skills! Imagine smsing important relationship-deciding messages in a foreign language! It's little wonder why my world is so complicated and why I am so misunderstood!

Love. It's a very difficult and fucked up thing, takes a lot of energy thinking constantly about someone, and with little or no reward most times. I envy those people that can think with their heads and not their hearts.


Krest Nisso said...

I think we've all had the experience of a long ovedue reply to our sms. Not fun at all!

Usually we try convincing ourselves, that an immediate reply isn't important, or that we can handle it. Sadly it's not the case...
Let's face it, we sms someone because we want a more or less immediate answer, how short i may be, an answer is calming, like a short hairstroke.

Misinterpretation is a problem, also due to the fact that sms'ing should be recieved and immediately replied to have the full desired effect, but sometimes you write just a tad to fast(sending wrong smiley etc.), or your having problem expressing what you want and it takes forever, while the person waiting, might overinterpret a long due sms! Luckily you can dial the number an call him/her up at any hint of misunderstanding.
Luckily, for me anyways, it's not that common an event, and should it happen, my experience have taught me to ease up...

As for your finishing comment, I personally disagree. If it's possible to think with your head and not your heart, it's more a lack of something, than a bonus of something present, on their part. That's my opinion anyways, wouldn't give that sensation up for anything that might be less...

Thomas Ebdrup said...

It seems to me that you expect more than he can "are willing" to give you.
Jalosy is a hard thing to handle, but we all have to. You have to work on it.
You could just have called him if it was really important and it could have saved you a lot of misunderstanding. Smsing is difficult and will often we misread. My own experience.

Like I wrote before. I believe it has to be he heart that chooses otherwise it wont last. The head has to be there to ofcouse, dont get me wrong, but the head will always loose in the long run if the heart is not there.
Its only a selfcenterd cold person who choose with the head. It would be a lot easier, but its not the way. it will always be my heart that speeks ;-)

Michael said...

welll my point has been that an SMS is something that must be answered as soon as possible.

No need to wait or hesitate just answer the SMS.

About thinking with the head instead of the heart, please don't envy the one the only thinks with the head instead of the heart.

They have a boring life, trust me, been there done that never doing it again.

Love is with the heart not the mind.

Enjoy love and to be in love is the most beautiful feeling a woman or man can have.

Hugs and kisses

Monophobia said...

I know exactly what you mean about the SMS thing. Text messages are easy for flaky friends to ignore... "my phone was switched off", "I ran out of credit" etc.
I used to have problems with e-mails and post-it notes, limited media creating a cosy, protective barrier between the people communicating, eventually becoming a rift to the point where it becomes awkward running into the person you're "communicating" with, even if they're living under the same roof. If you really want to talk to someone, you can't beat the phone or saying it in person. Avoids misunderstanding, strengthens relations.