Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Trust and Love

Trust. Now theres a very small but incredibly important word. I have trust issues. It comes from crappy parents and a string of crappy boyfriends, not to mention the whole ex husband thing.. but yes I admit it I find it hard to trust. Plus I get very jealous. Not good I know..

So when that special someone does something that helps you to trust them a little more it means sooo much! This guy I'm in love with did that today, and it almost killed me, in fact I'm feeling a little guilty now. But this is the first time I have asked directly for proof of love and he has given it to me.

I now have some hope that this relationship has a chance. But relationships do need work. You just can't say trust me-whatever. And expect instant trust- it simply doesn't work like that. It is important to trust but it is equally important to show you can be trusted.


Thomas Ebdrup said...

You hit the nail there. Without trust no relationship can work. You apparently need a lot of assurence from your bf in regard to your jealosy.
Im glad he finally pulled himself together. About time.
Hope things work out.

Anonymous said...

cross my fingers for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Well, taking care of one self isn't always a bad thing. Even though it means being suspecious.
Don't think anyone have complete trust in their partner and sometimes that's a good thing, a reminder that you actually want to be with that person.
Better to be suspecious, jaloux, ect then not caring at all. And yes, it can be very time consuming and exhausting but that's a part of being in love.

Sometimes it's even nice that your partner is jaloux, because you feel appreciated, instead of worthless, useless, pointless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel

I want to thank you. I don’t know if you remember my last letter in here, or if you even read them. To give a short summary, I was feeling a little down, and doubtful of the existence of “true love”, on top of that I had my best friends wedding to attend. Anyway –I’m definitely a believer of true love again, as I met a wonderful girl at the wedding. Only minor downside is that she lives in London, so now I have to learn how to make a long distance relationship work, but it is truly a minor detail as I’m completely mad about her.

Back to the “thank you” part – I have been reading you blogs for a while, and it has given me indirectly outlet so to speak. At times I felt the same hopelessness and frustration that you have expressed from time to time. So to read you blogs gave some sort of comfort that I was not alone.
So to sum up – I feel like I owe you a lot, though it may be difficult to talk about friendship in this type of situation, a lot of the thoughts from you blog probably had the same effect as a friends advise. So if you ever feel like you need an outlet that you blog can’t seem to give you, I will be more than happy to lent an ear, scream with (or at), via e-mail or in real life.
For now I will follow your blogs with great interest, and I hope it works out for you and the BF. I was certainly happy to read about the progress in “trust and love”, and I wish you the best.