Sunday, 26 August 2007


So the old lady's daughter in law came by today with flowers to say thank you. I looked like a complete idiot, my flat was a mess and I forgot my Danish so early in the morning. But that was nice. Apparently old lady is dying from cancer, and she is at home to die (they seem to do that a lot in Denmark) daughter in law said she may have had a whiskey and gone crazy.

Why can't people look after people that's all I say. She shouldn't have been alone and scared like that at all. If that was my mother in law I'd move in with her and take care of her. I would. I guess I'm just angry becasue I see mtself like that, alone and screaming for help in the cold- but with no one coming to rescue me.

These Lansoprazol I am taking for the ulcer, are making me very low. I'm a low spotty mess right now. Alone and scared and cold and screaming for help....

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Thomas Ebdrup said...

Thats very sweet of her. But you did a very good deed and it was the least she could do.

I understand your thinking. I would have stayed with her to. She shouldnt be alone in the end. No one should.

The Lansoprazol does make you drowsy. I just hope you feel a bit better today.
Im sure someone would come rescue you. All you have to do is call.
You are not alone and you never will be. Ill always be here.