Saturday, 10 May 2008

The dating game

I think Ive said this before but I hate dating. One of the worst things to do on a first date is to be over enthusiastic and talk about "when we get married"! and say cheesy things. Geez you just met.. relax a bit hey guys...

As you know Ive been searching for the perfect guy for sometime, and I seem to have been dating the dregs of the dating barrel, work colleagues, my boss, randoms from the internet. I now realise what i dont want...

A guy whose only conversation is how drunk he got, a guy who doesnt call or even want to see me, a guy whos only interested in the mirror, a guy who doesnt make me feel wanted or loved.

I also know what I do want.. a home with pets and children (in a couple of years) A man who proves he cares and would fly across the world to prove that, a guy who doesnt give up on me even if I give up on him, a guy who goes to sleep thinking about me, whether Im with him or not. A guy who puts me first. I still want that home with fruit trees and butterflies.

Right now I feel like Im in limbo, I cant do anything because of all the bureacracy, so all I can do is enjoy my summer and think to the future.

Luke is coming over next week, and Im so excited to finally have someone who understands near to me again. Am looking forward to travelling around europe with him a bit too :)

Staying positive here and looking forward to a positive outcome and a positive future :)


Doc Nielsen said...

Positive attitude is the way to go, sweety.
I just hope you find what you're looking for, and happiness finds you too.

There was a time when we were close, and there were times when we were not, but what i remember most fondly is the night you sang to me. My heart skipped a few beats that day.
I hope, in the near future, you find a man who's heart skips twice for you :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun Angel. You look good by the way.
Its about time you met someone you care for and who hopefully care for you.
Remember that you are good enough no matter who you meet.
You will always be loved for who you are ;-)