Monday, 5 May 2008

Return to Oz

Right. I need to do this. I need to get back to Oz. Denmark is now sunny and pretty with fresh air. But the coldness of the people lingers on to nearly a cruel stage and for a sensitive soul like me its torture. There are people in Australia that love me, really love me. The real me, moods and everything. Theyd do anything for me, and I would for them. At last symbiotic relationships. Danes dont mean it, but they are vey selfish, all tied up in their own little worlds, to be able to see out, reach out to other people.

Im currently living on rice. My finances are pretty much used up on medical bills, travelling, rent for here and paying my tenant back for lost goods ( I dont think I can do that) I really really need to sell my apartment so I can be free and eat again! I cant even check my balance as my IE has gone down so I cant see my online bank. Also spent too much money on my welcome home party, and hardly anyone came anyway... I got used to living on so little when traveling coming back to dk is a shock.

Think positively Angel. I have a way out of here. I have people who love me. I just need to get there.

First I have to figure out how to put my flat on the market in denmark. My danish has gotten bad again, so no one understands me on the phone.

I also have to figure out what bills the tenant owed so have to try contact the relevant companies, ex still have my papers so I dont know what the companies are until he returns them. And the tenant is on my back about getting her deposit back... same problem with internet explorer..

All this makes me panic lots! But theres only me to deal with it all. No one will help me. So off I go into the world..alone.. Also pms symptoms started today!

Mie wants to come over for dinner tomorrow, I tried to explain Im living off rice, and she said shed go halves on the food.. but Im living on rice! When Im low on money food is the one place I start to skimp, especially in denmark where everything is so expensive. Why cant people just eat rice??

Right off to have my rice breakfast and figure out how to sort this whole mess out!


Dan said...

Good God, it never rains it pours hey.... Well I suppose you knew it was going to be tough, and looks like you are right.

I suppose atleast you have a positive to aim for, something you know will make you happy, and that has to be good...

I remember packing up my life and dragging together all the loose ends before I moved it Aus. It was bloody frustrating because all I wanted was to go to the airport...

But it all needs doing, and you never know you might be able to give yourself some closure on some aspects of you life before you move. This surely can only help in the long run...

Try and stay focused on the goal here because the light at the end of the tunnel can be so good it will be the making of you. Australia or bust!

If I was allowed to send a food parcel of Margaret River cheese and chocolate I would!


Krest Nisso said...

Have kept reading your blog on and off, and you seem a bit eager and/or restless(constantly..). Like your using all your energy on the searching/exploring(not sights, but ppl) part, and less on your base. I know things have been stressed, and ofcourse that have it's effect.

Hope your new target gives you what you aim for. Just remember that people travelling might be just a tad more relaxed and open, then they usually are.

To keep it simple.

Good luck Angel.