Monday, 19 January 2009

Cars and scars

Been busy organising Lukes birthday and stuff like that. But bought a new car today.. well second hand.. that will help me get some of my independance back and gets me a step closer to work. Aunty Joan is still in hospital but sounds like shes doing ok. Had my visa medical and now waiting for all the paperwork so I can put in my visa application. Still havent had a call from my parents, and I refuse to call them. Had a dream a few nights ago that my mum died.. which scared me a bit though...

Im still very very insecure, and not sure why, maybe I need the help of a psychologist or to settle down and have a normal life.. I dont know.

The b12 injection helped so much btw, think I will do that every month, made a huge difference to me.

My startdate was jan 9 but now Lukes mum booked his birthday present for that date Ive had to ask them to change it to the following week.. just hope they can! Still we are going to Sydney so thats exciting!

All ready start work so hope the paperwork gets done quick!

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