Thursday, 22 January 2009


So tired and feeling poo , reckon its cos I ate wheat on Lukes birthday (accidently) Just injected b12 so hoping that will help with energy.. lets see.

Hd a chat with Christian last night, I do miss him, but its getting less and less. Also been talking to Luke and maybe we can work things out, he seems to want to go all the way with me, and backs that up by being there and supporting me so lets see.

Its hard to give myself b12.. the injection is in the butt and its hard to turn round and do that to yourself! But I think it makes a huge difference, I think I have self diagnosed my problem:

Not depression, makes pms worse, and affects mood. all made better by b12. Jackpot.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angel,

Hope all is well. Care to chat sometime? Are you on skype or yahoo?