Sunday, 15 February 2009


Its been almost a year since I updated my main photo, so here is a pic from Sydney last week.. I look older :(

Valentines day.. well, less said there the better.

SO I start work week on monday.. I am terrified.. its been a long time since I worked.. let alone with tearaway kids..! Lots to organise now I have THE VISA.. medicare, drivers license... shipping my shit over...

Had an offer on my apartment too.. a very low offer.. 160,000dk under the asking price... but such is the climate atm!

Spendin this week running around doing paperworkas Monday 23rd 8am I start...WORKING!!!!


Doc Nielsen said...

You may look older, to your eyes, but you look more mature to me. No more Shazzy the girl. ;)

Harrier said...

Hiya Angel,

You look FAB (fit and beautiful)& certainly look under 30 to me :)

Love the photo & would be an honor for anyone to have it in his wallet and be able to say you are his GF or better still, Wife.

Shame it doesn't enlarge like most of your others though.

As for your shortfall on the apartment, the money would be good for you, but if not needed you could always keep it on the books longer to see if someone betters the price.

Hope the work went ok on your first week, just catching up on all your posts due to loss of Internet over here. Take care sweetie, catch up with you soon.