Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I (H)ate Gluten

Gluten is evil. Since Lukes birthday I have had muscle aches, mouth and throat ulcers, pimples, leg and feet cramps and exhaustion. Gluten is NOT worth it, however tempting.

Australia day was interesting. Now I know why all the Aussies in London get sad and go crazy on Australia Day. Weather was beautiful, and it was Lukes mums birthday, and she hired a beach house in Halls Head, about an hour south from Perth. Fantastic, went out on their boat a lot.

Thursday we head to Sydney to sightsee and to see TopGear... very exciting! Lookin forward to seeing more of AUS, just hoping I get more energy! PMSing to hell and Glutened too.. Still Im craving steaks , duck and spinach... a strange mix, but hpefully it helps get me better.
Also Luke gave me a spa day voucher for christmas so tomorrow I get to go to the spa and also get my haircut... its so long now- hasnt been cut for months. Need to start smartnening myself up ready to start work..visa application is in so it could be any day now...!

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