Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What a life

Sorry I havent caught up with you in ages, things have been so busy.

Things with Luke havent been great, and since my birthday when that guy asked me out I have been questioning our relationship.

Work hasnt been great either. As always theres one person who really makes my life difficult, always female, and always above average size.

So needless to say IM not too happy right now.

33, and trapped. Missing Denmark. Not sure if I ever will be able to have kids, or be in a job I love again.

Christian has forgotten about me- he forgot my birthday. (Which by the way the pic is from with my friend Jay) I ever forget anyone, and still think about every single person who has meant somethingto me.

Parents still havent called, but they did send money for my birthday which was a surprise...or was it.

Wish I could run away and go travelling again. Not liking myself or my life right now.

Working in a team of english people and english people are so rude and sarcastic to each other I just cant deal with it.

I just ant seem to get anything in my life right at the moment and wondering whether I should be doing something different.

My shipment arrived from DK this week and my flat sold so thats that chapter of my life closed, which hurts. Havent seen the money for the flat yet though! ALso the guy renting my flat didnt pay the last two months so thats pretty annoying too. PLUS he stole all my things.

I think I am just unlucky, these things never seem to happen to anyone else.


Harrier said...

Things distract us form other things we do so don't worry about how long or even if you don't update for ages. It is however, good to hear from you.

Relationship's are a bitch, hard as hell more often than not, something most of us have in common I'm afraid. I wish I could give you the answer to solve it so you could live happily ever after but my advise always sucks. Do what your heart tells you to do.

A for work, well, that says it all. It is too hard to find a job that you are happy with unless you have millions and can do what you want to without worrying about how you can afford to live. It gets harder when the people you work with are total arse's. There are lots of jobs about, maybe one working with computers might be of help as they don't cause too many problems unlike the human counterpart.

At 33 you still have most of your life ahead of you, lots of time to try different jobs, move around, change things, and have kids with someone you love if you want to. Keep your head up sweetheart, think to the future and not the past so much as the past has gone & the future can be fantastic if you want it to.

We all get things right, and we all get things wrong (some of us get most things wrong like I do) but that is all part of the learning process of life & something we can't really avoid, but can make a bit easier as we go along.

Will finish here for now but am around if you need me.


Angel said...

My hearts always wrong... this is why IM now going with my head...