Saturday, 6 November 2010

Slow change

Hello. Have been low since last post struggling to get in to work... Going sick. Someone jokingly squeezed my waist at work to make me jump which set my back pain off again so been in excruciating pain and seeing a chiropractor.

Alex has been keeping me going from afar but hes back in 11 days so thats both exciting and scary.

Work christmas party on nov 24 with diamond and pearl theme and Alex is coming too.

My life is about to change...


Aimee said...

Wow Angel! I was just looking up information about Denmark and stumbled on to your blog. I feel like I understand almost everything you've said! If you still access this site, please email me on Yahoo at aimeecwoods. Since you haven't blogged since 2010, I'm curious as to how your life has gone. It was like reading a good story with no conclusion!

Angel said...

Hi Aimee, nice that you are interested! So especially for you I've written a new update in my blog- enjoy :) xx