Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Late Date

Gentlemen.... so you're running late for a date.. is she.. she's busy tidying trying to look like she always keeps a tidy house, busy stuffing things in drawers, vacuuming etc etc.. but 35 mins hour..two hours late? Without a call, an sms? nothing?? Diabolical I tell you.

I mean she's spent the last 4-5 hours preparing for you- she has mood music on, she's even singing along...the least you can do is make the effort to say "sorry I'm late" or give some guideline as to your arrival or if you even intend to keep this date.

It detracts from the date, before she was ready to pounce on you, and now she's ready to pounce on you- but not in the good way. She feels you don't respect her, or care or think of her as any higher than a glorified sex toy.

So boys.. pick up that phone- it will be worth your while.. and don't forget the flowers!


Thomas Ebdrup said...

Well Angel im sorry to hear that he has done it again. Walked all over your feelings like they didnt exist.

He is a sorry excuse of a man without any maners or thought of anyone but himself. You are better than that.

The least he could have done was call or write that he was late. Any normal person would.

Im sorry I got so angry, but its no way to treat an Angel.

Doc Nielsen said...

what he said... some people think they can just treat everyone as if they didn't matter.

daydreamer said...

Well.. NO one will ever be 2 hours late for a date without telling - I really cannot image that! The only excuse could be a really bad accident, or that phone (with the phone number), keys and money-things was lost!

But another thing... If the girl has told she is a little bit allergic to flowers -- should you still bring flowers? hmm..