Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New Horizons

Went to the work do and survived, and gt sent back to work on light duties last tues. Hate my job, hate the way the children are treated. Miss Denmark.

Have to try and pull myself away from Luke if I am to have children. Offers from guys out there but Luke is safe and I am comfortable, but he is not long term.

I cant live like this, unhappy in all areas of my life, and maybe this is something to do with the traction injury I incurred to my arm, but I want more. Or for those of you familiar with my life.. I STILL want more.

I want to be happy, at work and at play. I want to be in love and from that love start a family.

Maybe I need God. It seems all those with God in their lives are very happy.

I do need love and joy in my life. I need to be stronger and less of a victim but how how how?

Do others need to work this hard to be happy?


Anonymous said...


Du ligner en vidunderlig engel.

når du sidder der ved vinduet

helt oplyst af solen

Eller er det bare dig der lyser

med hjertets uskyldige

og vildledende glød

Syndfloden bruser i mine årer

men det er jo ikke min skyld

ved du nok

Jeg har intet valg

Du er min lumske engel

der drillende stjæler kys fra mine læber

og i al hemmelighed

indtager mit hjerte

stykke for stykke

Kom tilbage til DK :-)

Anonymous said...

Der er ingen der kommer let til livet :)
Nogen gange kan det se ud som om andre bare har det meget lettere end en selv - det tror jeg bare ikke er tilfældet.
Vi må alle kæmpe for at få et godt liv :)

Knus fra Herringløse

Harrier said...


Glad that the work do went ok for you, and hope your bully left you in peace. Light duties at work will do you good and hopefully help you to de-stress quicker than you would if working normally.

As for Denmark, you have got that option to return and try again if that is what you feel is right for you. But you are the only one that is able to make that decision and act upon it.

We all want MORE from life, love & family, but some of us are destined not to get what we want (me for one) but you have the strength and time to make more of what you want and are in a position that you CAN do it if you really want to. Achieve it and you will be happy in work, play & love.

You say "maybe I need God. It seems all those with God in their lives are happy", but I have God in my life and I'm not happy, I have a crap job,(possibly being made redundant this month just before my birthday) my wife is disabled, and 3 children where one is great, one is disabled and the third doesn't give a monkeys about us. I guess that puts your statement in the bin so to speak.

You have Love & Joy in your life but just need to find the right level for yourself, do not think of it as being a victim, but be proud of what you have and improve on it.

Some people have to work even harder to be happy, some have it on a plate. Although no one has to have a perfect life ( don't think anyone has ) but it doesn't hurt to try and make it as perfect as you can.

If you feel you want God in your life, take a look at Mathew 7 vs 7-12

Take good care of yourself and believe in yourself.