Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Dreams and schemes...and ferris wheels

Ok so I have a plan of action!

1. Job agency looking for jobs for me

2. If no jobs by oct 25 then to singapore visa run

3. Back and travel aus, christmas and ny here

4. Place on nursing competency course in jan (4 weeks)

5. world my oyster! Travel NZ and then back to aus to settle :)

1 comment:

Harrier said...

A plan of action, wish I had one of those. Singapore is a good choice, lived there about 40+ years ago and from what I remember it was very nice there. As for a job, they are good for money but not much else.

Never been to Aus so can't comment apart from to say, I'd love to join you there, always wanted to visit Aus :D

A nursing career sounds like a good move but without it you can still make the world your oyster.

Just hope that your plans work out and you have a great time doing it all.