Friday, 8 August 2008

The phoenix has landed

Sorry, yes I got to Australia last friday, and have been running around like a maniac and sleeping A LOT ever since. PMDD and jet lag... not good!

Australia, is a lovely place. Have found a gluten free bakery (take note Brent :)) that not only sells all different kinds of gluten free bread, but also fresh cakes, pies, and all sorts of other goodies... slowly getting fat on gf chocolate eclairs, meat pies and pizzas!

Its a bit cold here right now.. 20 degrees but its been sunny. I have had trouble turning my days around, but on the whole loving it.

Been staying at Dans house, although Dans been in UK- we met in Malaysia briefly haha - so have been trying to be a house and home angel and cleaning and making his home nice and doing things he wouldnt expect in return for the stay :)

Feeling a bit sick at the moment, but prob just jet lag and pmdd, if it stay may go see a doc.

Had a job interview on monday and that went well, but not sure its going to work out as they havent sponsored before, so still looking and looking into visas.

So.. just to say I am still alive, and in Australia :D


Doc Nielsen said...

hehe about time :) needless to say, ive been stopping by every day, hoping to find what i found today.

I'm so glad everything is slowly working out for you. Take one step at a time, and cherish the step, not the direction.
A goal is good to have, but its the journey and the experiences gathered while you travel, that's the most important.

Anonymous said...

Welcone Down Under Angel :)
Glad to hear you made it ok and yes it will take a little while to settle in.
Sorry you are feeling unwell but that will pass soon :)
Just take your time (no need to rush) and have fun with it.
I wish you all the best for your fresh start.
Regards Richard