Tuesday, 16 September 2008

New Zealand Excitement

Ok so its official, my flights are booked. I leave Australia on October 2nd and arrive the next day in Auckland, where I take another flight to Rotorua. Its going to be hard work and quite a gruelling 4 weeks I think but I have made sure I have 4 days at the end to travel and see a bit of New Zealand.

I do like travelling, and I am very excited about seeing a new country and exploring the culture, and maybe getting some exercise, kayaking and horseriding (if finances can stretch that far!)

So I am staying in the student accomodation, and its by an old volcanic lake with lots of volcanic pools and things around- its supposed to be quite beautiful.

So yes the fear is here but so is the excitement so Im planning the travelling bit to help calm me down.

Feeling really strange right now, head is all over the place. Wonder if its the full moon (Im very sensitive to ionic changes and the like) as everyone around me seems to be feeling rough too, or whether its the stress bringing on the old bipolar.

My neck is hurting A LOT so it may be the stress... cant sleep properly either.. arrghh.

Needing some positivity here as drowning in the negativity!!
Pic is from the under water observatory last weekend


Harrier said...

Like the Picture, looks like your picking out your next meal lol.

I really wish I could join you on your travels, would you like some company :D I suppose staying in the student accommodation makes it a lot easier & cheaper for you, will save you some money. 4 weeks should sail past quickly for you, hope the training goes well.

Fear, Stress, all the traveling, I should think the stiff neck is part and parcel of it all rolled into one. Try a hot bath or shower, maybe a massage and an early night might help. It will all be over and you will be on your way again soon so make the most of your surroundings once there.

Take care and look after yourself, look forward to your next update.

ps. Was the fish your dinner :p

Angel said...

I almost wish I had a travelling partner- seeing these amazing things alone is a bit..lonely. But also travelling alone, helps me regain my independance and helps my confidence and I need that right now.

Yes the neck is prob stress but booked in with a chiropractor today, as I do have an uderlying neck problem, so hopefully that helps!

And no the little fishy wasnt dinner- I dont eat seafood, it makes me ill!