Monday, 1 September 2008


I have a cold. Not only that the housing market in denmark has completely crashed. I have no money, no job and Im sick. Can it get worse? If only I had sold when I wanted.. I knew in my gut it was the right thing to do but listened to christian instead. Argh.

Actually it can get worse.. now the tax man is banging at my door demanding huge amounts of money. How the hell did I get into this mess.. I was doing alright.. until I met HIM.

Yeah I know I cant blame it all on him but I wasted so much time and money on him and got nothing back. I suppose thats "love" for you.

Whos there for me now Im in this mess? Who???


Doc Nielsen said...

... i wish i was...
I'd help you out, if i could, but there is this huge planet between us...

Harrier said...

Well Angel, what can I say, some people just take everything you have and some people don't. You sound like one who doesn't, where as Christian sounds like one who does. Wher you get this mix nothing ever seems to happen as it should.

Personally speaking as one who has been in the gutter and pulld back from the drain so to speak, you will get straight again but everything takes time. I wish I could help you get sorted but alas, we are too far apart. I'm sure you will make what you can of what you have and make things work with all you have.

If you haven't got it then the Tax Man can't take it, sometimes it pays to have nothing. I am still paying off 27k debt without taking into account my property so it can be done sweetheart, have faith if yourself.

Steve aka Harrier