Friday, 14 November 2008

Back in the land of aus

So been back a week now. Had my interview, got the job. Now have tons of paperwork and hurdles to jump to get my visa, and THEN I can start work!!

Am 3 days late with period, which happens when I travel, but its making me tired and stressed and panicky. But thanks to the vitamin B, not as panicky and tired and stressed as usual! Could it be I have found the cure..?

Panicking about my apartment in DK. I started with a very short term rent to a friend of my neighbour. One month it was supposed to be. They have now been there 3 months, and the rent is always delayed, I have no deposit from them etc .. wondering whether I should now get a contract written up.. and maybe find out how long they intend to stay, so maybe I can find another tenant after!! I did things all wrong. I should have left all this with Marianne, as I now dont trust the people running my affairs, but now I cant seem to anything about it!

Panicking about all the paperwork, police checks and x rays I have to get organised before I can start work..

Although am really looking forward to the job, its looks just what I like doing... working with 8-13 year olds and ther families with emotioal and behavioural problems. No nightshifts and no weekends woooo hooo!!

So Just need to sort out the confusing odds and ends, find somewhere to live and then start my life!!

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