Friday, 7 November 2008

Four seasons in one day

So parting soon for the sunnier climes of Australia. Here is my summary of NZ
  • Bedlinen is called Manchester here
  • The majority of kiwi "ladies" are tattoed big time
  • It rains a lot
  • They have a weird accent (bed is pronounced bid and big is prononces bug)
  • The rural areas look very much like UK/Scotland only with a few tropical areas

So a new leaf is about to be turned and I will try and wipe all the old stuff out and start a new life in Australia.. wish me luck x

1 comment:

Harrier said...

Well that certainly puts the dampeners on me visiting NZ one day lol, I'm sure I won't regret it. Will definitely have to try Scotland one day though, would like to see the castles up there.

I wish you all the best with your new start in Aus. With all the things you have said I'm sure you will be a success in whatever you decide to do there, and good luck with the interview too.

Steve x