Friday, 21 November 2008

Looking up

Period started sunday and was relatively painless and emotionless..and less exausting I think thanks to the b12!!

All the job stuff is panning out and I have a start date now, so just got to look forward to christmas and then after that look forward to starting my new job!
Then all the stuff that goes with that.. finding a house, settling down.. starting a new life....
I am thinking about Luke as a serious life partner now I may be able to stay in this country, so I had better sort myself out a bit more and try and make this one work!


Mike said...


Came across your blog when searching for New Zealand. You're fascinating...I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels.


Angel said...

Thanks Michael! Keep reading and I hope you make comments because they do help me with my rather complicated life :)

Mike said...

Hi Angel,

From reading your blog, I get the hunch that our lives aren't that much different. You should include some more photos in your blog. Pictures are worth a 1000 words.


Angel said...

I will take your suggestion on board Mike :) Have also added the follow blog widget bottom right hand side for those of you regulars that like to ..follow my blog :)