Saturday, 1 November 2008


sooo last day went really well, suddenly everyone loved me.. why does that always happen like just when you leave somewhere?? Anyway arrived in Auckland yesterday by bus to my last minute discount luxury hotel.. sky city grand, which is fabulous... had to wait a while for my room so tried the cafe opposite (which was the worst steak ive ever tasted, but they gave me a refund!) So Im sitting in this cafe in the middle of new zealand, and who is sitting next to me... 2 danish guys!!!!! WTF right next to me!!! So we cchatted in danish for a while,but FFS.. is someone trying to tell me something, really??!!Got back to hotel soaked in the bath with all their spa products,wrapped myself in bathrobe and slippers and sipped jasmine tea, watched sattelite tv.. and this morning I used the pool and sauna.. all just what I needed, plus the massive comfy bed.

However that all changed today, when I pick up my CAMPERVAN... yes Im going to be driving around the next week and sleeping wherever I choose to stop!! Im a little bit afraid as those of you that know me know Im not the worlds greatest driver in a small car... but anyway... SO Im driving up to the bay of islands later and hopefully meeting up again with lara and heather.. but they go home monday so after that Im all aloneeee in the wilderness.. how brave am I??!!

Auckland is nothing special, I have 3 more days here when I get back and Im not looking forward to it, actually its quite beyond me why anyone would choose to come to NZ... Id rather spend my time in sunny Aus!!

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Harrier said...

How could anyone not love you lol, Maybe it is a hint or something, god only knows, but maybe it is nothing but coincidence. Follow your heart and not things around you.

With a bigger vehicle people will respect you a bit more in case you run them off the road lol, drive safe and return home in one piece and not lots of pieces. Enjoy it while you can.