Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Nothing was achieved here. They were nice as long as they could be (about a day) and then all the snide comments.. you look like crap.. you never made anything of yourself... you have nothing to show for your life.. youre not the marrying type are you...look how clever your sister is and how many kids shes got...

Me? I feel beaten down mentally, and close to tears. I am tired, stressed and feel... worthless.

But in the background Luke and MArianne have been keeping me strong, making me realise that somewhere someone things something of me, thinks I am a good person, and worth something.

I just need to get away from here and on with my real life.

Im done with being told Im not good enough... for WHAT??! They are like vampires sucking all the life out of me.. hopefully australia can help put some of that life back.. I hope so...

Now Im empty and tired and wondering if I am doing the right thing...


Anonymous said...

Tro ikke på når andre siger grimme ting om dig, du er meget mere værd end det.
Se at komme videre til nogen der vil dig det godt.

Mange knus og kram

Anonymous said...

Be strong and ignore all the negative comments.
You will grow when you are away from all those negative people (i know family can be tough).
Sounds like a fresh start is just what you need
All the best Richard (tasmania) :)

Doc Nielsen said...

oh hon, if only i could make it right ... i hate it when people put you down, make you sad or misstreat you.
I'm looking forward to getting you back on skype or msn so we can chat.
For what it's worth, some guy in denmark still thinks the world of you