Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Under the duvet

Sucked it up and did ok today... 3 days to go.. tomorrow Im at CAMHS and giving a teaching session on adolescent suicide and self harm risk assessment.. which would be fine if i could only stop sneezing... got sent home early (yay!) for being sneezy... the colds got worse, coughig and sneezing everywhere!

Have a job interview at an adolescent unit when i get back to australia, I wonder how different that will be from UK...

thousands of more bills flooded in today, I cant pay any of them.. wonderin whether I can hide from them, perhaps under the duvet...

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Harrier said...

Well done, it is hard I know, but has to be done. Wish you luck with the interview when you return to Aus, I should think that it will be totally different there to what you would see in the UK, I think they have more morals than here lol.

Bills, bills, bills, they suck & I know what you mean, I wish I could just throw them all in to bin & forget them, but they follow you everywhere. I'm sure that if you write to them and ask for a delay on paying they would accept as they can't have what you haven't got, once you have a job then you should be able to sort them out. Takes time, sometimes a long time, but in the end it can be sorted. Don't worry about them for the time being, get yourself through this period and on the track home first.

No new pics? not even one of you wrapped up in your duvet :D