Thursday, 1 November 2007

At home in Hanoi

Here I am in Hanoi. arrived yesterday and it felt like I'd never been away! Haven't seen much of Hanoi though- arrived around midday and spent the rest of the day recovering from a very bad journey. I don't recommend thai air!

Also read the not very clear luggage rules wrong and had to ditch half the things I brought with me at the airport. This was surprisingly easy- it's amazing how much you dont need stuff you think you need!

Currently in a hotel in hanoi, which is very luxurious, but laid in bed last night and felt a bit lonely- but thats only to be expected.

It's raining here right now- very warm but light drizzle- I'm off to the embassy today and see some apartments. Venturing out alone! It's amazing how I don't feel any different, this could be denmark or anywhere and I just feel fine. Wherever I lay my computer is home...


Doc Nielsen said...

Quick, get the camera out and make us a flickr gallery, so we all can be jealous at your new locale :)
And dont forget, you have to have a little fun every day.
Oh, and Shaz ... be good ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a nice time there. You know I miss you though I cant show it.
Hope your life goes in the right direction.