Thursday, 15 November 2007

So sad

I'm scared and alone in Vietnam. Nothing is going right. I have no friends, no family and no one seem to care at all I can't come "home" as I have no apartment. I'm not sure what I should do. I've been throwing up the last couple of days, and Im dehydrated and exausted.

I'm so scared, and have no one to turn to. I don't know what to do.


Anonymous said...

Did you think about this when you decided to move over there? I am sure you will be ok, life is never easy, beleive me I know. Just don't give up and take care of your health. x

daydreamer said...

No one cares about you? I don't believe so! I you like you can write me (I don't have your email), and I could be your help link in DK - if you need that.. Some danes are actually quite helpful and carring, you know! :-)

Doc Nielsen said...

I am looking for a new appartment, and i've been offered a few sublets for 6-12 months, in case you need some phone numbers.
As always, if you need a place to crash, my flat is not far away.
If you do come home, let me know, and i'll show up and help you find a place to sleep.

Anna in Edinburgh said...

i'm sorry things are so rotten at the moment. i think you've been incredibly brave in moving to Vietnam, most people wouldn't have the gumption to do that. If it's still what you want to be doing, i think you can do it. Remember that it should get easier from here - this initial time was always going to be the hardest, with everything unsettled and unknown, and being sick is definitely going to be making things worse. Make sure you find some time to relax, get your fluids up, and get physically back on your feet. Then work on resolving the more practical things that are concerning you.
i'm thinking of you - just let me know if there's anything i can do.

Hyldvang said...

Hi, out there

I have been your block here, and on dating as well. I know you've been through quit a lot.
I do admire the braveness of moving to Vietnam and most likely it will get better out there.

I just can't help thinking that life should be better than that... being so down, having so much differculties, spending time and energy on basic things.

Hope the future will be better..

Anonymous said...

....Invite me :-)

doctor447 said...

Head down to Highway4 party next Saturday - that'll cheer you up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling sad. Im sure you are doing a good job. All new things are hard but keep on it and things will go well.

Mister said...

Sometimes the bravest thing to do is to stay where your problems are. You seem to be running to stand still.

Daddy said...

I agree with the Doctor, a bit of Highwaiian madness on Saturday night should do the trick.