Thursday, 29 November 2007


In many ways. I am vomiting and pooing, but I am also sick of being treated like a second class citizen, in both work and "romance". It has to stop. Last straw is being ill and no one giving a shit. Cant even leave my apartment to get water.

I want more for myself. I want more out of life. Im not going to settle for anything less than I need.

Im not dependant on anyone or anything, I just proved that to myself. I am a strong human being- weather beaten perhaps, but not beaten.

I will not be made to feel second best.

I will not be the 53rd card in the pack.

I have my dreams and I will find them one day, if means I have to travel the world I will find what Im looking for. And if I never do- well at least I have followed my dreams and seen the world..


Anonymous said...

To me, you're queen of hearts.
To you, i'm jack of clubs.

Time to rethink, and perhaps reshuffle the deck, up the ante and hope for a better hand.

For you, i'd stack the deck and give you a full house, queens over kings, hearts, diamonds and spades.

M said...



vietnamesetutor said...
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Anonymous said...

You are not second best. Not to me anyway.