Sunday, 4 November 2007

More to Vietnam than Hanoi

Well, first trip organised- Ha's parents asked if I would like to go to Lang Son with them at the weekend. This is North of Hanoi- near the chinese border- 15km from the border. I think they are going to Ky Lua market- where much cheap products are sold from china. It's about 5 hours by bus from Hanoi and we will stay there overnight.

Markets here are scary- there are a few and Ha and I visited one today to get food for dinner. There was no need to get off the moped, everyone whizzes through the stalls on them, trying not to knock each other over. It's pretty crazy to see! But with so many different, fruit and vegetables- some I've never heard of- it's worth the visit- if you can communicate!

Ha's parents were so sweet to me. Her Dad asked me lots of questions about greenland and denmark, and her mum worried that I wasnt eating enough! She'd made me so much food- all gluten and pig free! And it tasted SO amazing!! I tried my Vietnamese- but the pronunciation is so hard! I start lessons soon.

Well tomorrow I sign a housing contract, hire a moped and start work- wish me luck!! Not sure which is worse really. There are no laws in vietnam. The traffic lights are merely a suggestion and everyone ignores them. Driving the wrong way down a street is normal- but joining in this craziness is kind of exhilarating- I'm looking forward to it :)

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D. said...

Found your blog through NewHanoian - welcome to Vietnam! It sounds like you're adjusting great and your friend pretty darn helpful. Continued good luck on your adventure.