Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Valued in Vietnam

What am I worth? Seriously. I am a billion miles away in a foreign land, and my boyfriend has no time to talk to me. My office has no time to help me, actually on the recent staff list they sent out my team was added as an afterthought and I didn't even exist on the list! I am so upset today.

My life is in Denmark and I want so much for them to care. But Danes seem to find it very difficult to put themselves in others situation. They only seem to care about themselves. If someone at work needs a task done, they don't think about the chaos I'm in they just want it NOW. If I need help- there is no one there for me! Now the Vietnamese, even the strangers, seem to care about how I feel. I find this very upsetting, as the people who know me well don't care and these beautiful strangers do!

Perhaps it's a different mindset that the Vietnamese can see I'm very stressed trying to organise a home and paperwork all by myself in a strange language as well as work as hard as I can. Yesterday because my colleagues in denmark couldn't get themselves in gear, I had to work late. This meant I missed the banks to get the deposit for my apartment. So I had to bike round to every bank that would accept my card (not all accept foreign cards) and the maximum limit for the day wasn't enough! Bike ran out of petrol so Ha had to push it to a petrol station. Neither of us had eaten the whole day as we worked through lunch and missed out on breakfast. Went to go to dinner at the rooftop bar- closed. Of course it was. Went back to hotel around 8.30pm roomservice? Nothing left I could eat. Typical day. But all through that Ha was so sweet to me, and wouldn't even accept money for petrol!

The people I am renting the apartment from were so sweet, they even offered to lend me the money for the deposit themselves!!

I feel very very alone out here. Feels like I should just look after myself and forget the needs of everyone else.

Today I have to check out of hotel, move into apartment, find a bike, open a bank account, find a deposit for apartment, and all in my lunchtime whilst Im working like crazy.

I am so tired, so stressed, but at least the Vietnamese care...still feeling worthless though :(

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Anonymous said...

Seems like you always have a lot of things to do and forget "you" a bit. Its nice people there are nice to you. You deserve it. Think you are right. Danes can be very selfish. We do care though. Its just not always we can show it.
Im glad you feel a bit at home there. Good food and things. Hope you eat better than usual, when you can find some that is ;-)
Im sorry you feel homesick allready. Hope it gets better. Im sure you will do well.