Thursday, 29 November 2007

This is how I feel

I feel sick, tired, unvalued, angry, upset, disrespected, a low priority, bottom of the food chain, undesired, uneeded, uncared for, unwanted.

And yet I feel I work hard, love hard, am a good person. I keep promises. I make things happen, I do what I'm told to do.

So why do people treat me this way? Why do I let them? Why do people not keep their promises to me?

Where am I going with my life??

Who will answer my questions, who will talk to me, listen to me?


Mister said...

Perhaps you are not a victim? What if you are not the nice person you think you are? Listen to the people you have pushed away, they can't all be wrong.

Krest Nisso said...

You've probably also descreibed why "heaven on earth" is a song, and why Paradise appears after life. It's not like goodness or evilness shines through and outwards for everone to see. Being a good person is a choice you make, there's no present for you at the end of the line...
Everyone, who meets you, has to, if they want to, figure you out and weather you "fit" them, as you have to do likewise. Plenty of mistakes can be made in that progress...

Some people you simply connect with instantly, some you wont ever connect with. You can't both be a partying goth girl, who lives for the underground music and life of one night stands, and still wake up early every morning being a soper, karéer minded, houswife with your main focus on family life. You gotta choose, and then live your life, with the set of consequences that follows those choices, both negative and positive as they may be :)

I little life philosophy from my side of the brain :p

ps. I've never said there to be a logical or explanetory element in my comment.