Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Blocked Blog

My Blog is blocked from Vietnam. That's communism for you. Found a way in today.

So things have been up and down. Visited Lang Son at the weekend, a market town on the border of china with lots of cheap chinese stuff. Fun shopping there! I was the only foreigner- it's 5 hours out of Hanoi by coach.

Things with boyfriend going well, and missing him of course.

Things here are not easy. I'm finding obstacles everywhere. Moved into my apartment but can't seem to get the bank to give me money! So I'm behind with my rent. I don't have any insurance details or any way to find out whether vaccine for japenese encephelitis and rabies is available on insurance. I am not immunised and at risk. I'm insured through my work but trying to get details from them is like pulling a tooth! Every day on the roads my life is at risk. They don't wear nmotorcycle helmets and they drive like crazy. People from work are always giving me a ride home, and so many near- death experiences. Thing is as I'm not insured I'm pretty sure if I was in an accident, I wouldn't get treated and just get left to die...

I'm very tired and stressed at the moment. Things are hard at work, and at the apartment, and having no support network out here. And I'm trying to be a motivational inspiration which drains my energy. The worst is not having internet at home. That's my life! Trying to get it though...

Opened a bank account in Vietnam today and OMG were they helpful. Taxi driver took me there via Australia though.... geeez.

Just got to stay strong and focused..

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