Sunday, 25 November 2007

Soul purpose

I seem to befriend souls rather than people. Certain souls are attracted to mine. Good souls- which is a good sign.... One such soul is Peter Lam. A taxi driver who is always parked outside my work. He's 50 something, and we have the best conversations despite the fact neither of us speak the others language. Crazy huh?

Take the other day, I went for a 5 minute break at the lake- Peter Lam got out his taxi and came and offered me a cigarette. We watched the dead fish floating on top of the lake as we smokes and we both shook our heads. I didnt bring my dictionary out on this occasion, so I couldn't decipher what he was saying to me but I knew it was wise.

Peter Lam is like a magical wizard- he seems to know when I'm in distress and appears at the right moment... The other day unable to find a taxi or motorbike taxi I started to walk home, I got two paces and there was Peter Lam in his taxi waving at me- how did he know??? This is the same chap that somehow knew I was from Denmark before I even met him....magical powers I tell you.

Anyway today I went to Big C ( Big C is Vietnams answer to tesco extra (if youre english) Bilka (if youre danish) and target (if your american). I found it crazy with soo many people. I'm not sure I'd go back in a hurry- compare dto Denmark, wheres Ive just been living and is pretty much empty is was a crazy nightmare, and I missed Denmark for a moment.

Been feeling pretty sicky this past week, and the guys who came to fix my flat told me I needed medicine. I have a doctors check up booked on saturday so that should sort things out- but nice to know I look like crap huh?

Anyway, another working week starts, and I'm off tomorrow to explore The University for studying Vietnamese language with the young man who attempted to sell me a minsk (me on a minsk!!) His Vietnamese was amazing, but he's been living here a year so it should be :) People reckon 3 months and I'll be fluent- ha! That's what they said about Danish!! :)

Korea seems to have a huge influence over Vietnam, with their tv series and fashion, I didnt realise Korea was so ahead of everyone, even more than China it would seem.

Vietnamese couples seem so affectionate, the men seem to really be very sensitive and care about the women, it's all rather old fashioned movie love here- very sweet indeed..

Asking myself today what I need. Answer was tenderness and respect...

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