Wednesday, 28 November 2007


One day, as I guess every girl does, I hoped that some charming man would find me and shout "I WANT YOU" very loudly, and shower me with affection, and gifts of love.

What am I worth? Not much at the moment. Maybe somewhere someone out there knows my true value. But I guess I will have to find that out myself first before anyone else sees it.

Who am I? I ask myself.
I'm a girl, a woman, who loves too much, and gives too much and cares too much, and worries too much.

What else? Im a woman who's feminine in all senses of the word. A woman who gets jealous, and scared especially when shes hormonallly vulnerable.

What else? Im a good woman, who does good deeds. Who doesnt cheat or steal, who wants nothing more than to feel loved.

A woman who is poetic, witty, good with words, fun to be with, romantic...

A woman who wants a family, who will make a good mother.

A woman who needs to be cared for and looked after, but is also capable of these things.

A woman who can organise, prepare, think and plan.

A woman who can cook, and take care of a home.

A woman who works hard for the things that matter.

A woman who values love more highly than time or money. Who values family and friendships.

One day maybe somebody will appreciate the beauty in me.

I long for a home and a family. But maybe I should just travel instead of trying too hard to make that happen.


calibosmom said...

I just happened upon your site because we both like Eva Cassidy and WOW what an amazing person you are! I really hope you find what you are looking for. There is nothing in this world that feels better than to feel wanted and loved. You made me realize that I take that for granted and today I will stop feeling sorry for myself and appreciate what I have. Thank you Angel...I'm glad I found you...I needed you today!

Anonymous said...

And damn lucky man that gets you. Your worth so much, don't settle for anyone man. The man that will cherish, respect and care for you, is out there, and you will find him, or he will find you. ;-) I still haven't found him, but will never give up hope. x

Anonymous said...

You know who really wants you. He has given you everything he could, but will give more if he got the chance. He still loves you. Im sure you know who he is.

Anonymous said...

are you her secret admirer??

Anonymous said...

You seem to define yourself through men, especially those that find you sexually attractive. I wonder, you have always had trouble with female relationships or male relationships where neither of you are sexually attracted to each other?

M said...

Marry Me! ;-)