Sunday, 4 November 2007

Flying around Hanoi

Have literally been flying around Hanoi the last few days- organising everything!

Hmm think I am paying too high for the apartment- but not sure what to do about that. But I have figured out that I can RENT a scooter from around 50USD (25 GBP/250DK) a month so over 6 months that would be a bit cheaper and easier than buying- plus if it goes wrong they will fix it and insurance (hopefully) is covered :)

The following is pretty much notes to myself, but feel free to feel envious- or just come visit! :p

Hey I can fly to Thailand for 80 USD return (that's around 40 quid or 400dk!) weekend in thailand maybe.. I can also fly to kuala lumpar for around 200 usd (96 quid or 960dk) K.L is a four hour flight and bangkok is a one hour flight away! Both flights are with so check if you don't believe me :) With I can reach singapore in 3 hours for around 240 usd (115 quid/1150dk). With pacific airways I can reach Saigon in 2 hours for 127usd(60 quid/600dk). Airasia also offer packages 2 night stay in 5 star hotel including flights and breakfast= 257 usd (thats 123 gbp/1230dk!!!). With cathay pacific it's 2 hours to Hong Kong.

Anyway lots of information about Hanoi airport and the routes serviced here:

And a return ticket to europe? 838USD (400GBP 4000DK) Hmm.. should I come "home" for christmas..or stay in the sunshine...? :) or maybe more communism in russia/prague/budapest for 630USD... with vietnam airlines...

and visas required?
singapore - no gain visitor pass on entry
hongkong - no
malaysia - no
thailand - no

Anyway- off to dinner this evening at Ha's parents- my first time in a Vietnamese home. Ha's parents don't speak english so I get a chance to try my Vietnamese...wish me luck! :)

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