Saturday, 3 November 2007

New home in Hanoi

The day before yesterday I ventured out alone- I went to the british embassy to register- after I went for a walk whilst I waited for Ha to come with me to look at apartments. I discovered a mall- and realised that I am a bit of a queen here! Everything is so cheap it's unbelievable. You can pick up an ipod for 20 quid (200dk)... the shoes are 9 pounds (90DK).. in the evening two of us ate for under 2 USD!!! I saw one apartment but it wasnt good.

My friend Ha is helping me a lot- I am very glad I have her- she is a lovely person and a good friend to me!I feel quite bad that my money is worth more here- but it's not my fault. It's very embarassing, especially as she uses her petrol and phone to help me out, I want to help her pay but she is very proud and wont let me sometimes! This makes me feel worse!

I really like it here. Despite the obvious language problems (starting lessons soon)and I have a huge challenge at work - but I like a challenge!

I'll be buying a local phone and a moped soon- necessities here in Hanoi it would seem :)

Yesterday I actually found an apartment. I had to choose between a beautiful house by the lake, and a duplex in a skyscraper. The house by the lake was 750USD a month, and was in between lots of other similar 3 storey houses. It was 2 minutes to moped to work on a quiet road, but supermarkets were a way away.

The apartment was on two floors also with 3 bedrooms. It was a bit newer, had also 3 bathrooms, but the security was better and it has a rooftop bar- I talked to the owner and he would like me to sing some saturdays in his bar :) The bar has wifi internet so I can also work there whilst sipping cocktails :) SO although there's no outdoor area- theres the roof bar which is a bonus... and a supermarket and bank on the ground level. Banks are very useful because 500 kroner (50 pounds) is about 2 million Dong!! And this is a LOT of money to carry around!!

Also the apartment people will supply everything I need machine-wise so although it's more at 900USD it seems the better option. Although I loved that house- the apartment is only 5 mins on moped from work.

But negotiations are still going on- the house owner wants 6 months money up front!! I don't have that kind of money!!! So the agent is negotiating now- I am very nervous about handing huge sums of money over- in Vietnam that is a FORTUNE!!

So anyway today I am trying to find a moped. I will try find a second hand one as new ones cost around 500 quid (5000DK)

One more thing- who are these mystery people writing on my blog?? Email me or something because I REALLY dont know who you are???!! :)

By the way the pic today is me in Vietnam- click it to see it big sized :) That's Ha's moped- I will buy one like that :)

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Anonymous said...

OK I'm being lazy, I should have signed up, but it's Saturday and I'm allowed. So anyway I had no idea you were MOVING there. Have the Americans left? Is it safe? Are you allowed to get drunk? And singing - what is all this? Anyone would think we haven't seen each other for years - how dare you have all these things I don't know about. Oh yeah this is the rock god by the way. PS is this Shaz? I don't recognise this Angel persona. I lived with you, and you're NO angel :) xxx