Friday, 18 April 2008

Alone and thoughtful

Now I know I have been eating too much wheat. So tired but finally it has started woo hoo! Put on my suit from Vietnam yesterday and oh no.. it was too tight! Have put on weight since being in Aus with all the tasty fatty food!!!

People have been so good in trying to help me sort my life out that even if nothing comes of it I am so happy to have friends like these. I can count my good friends on one heand but they really are the best anyone could ask for.

Last weekend in Perth.. doesnt feel like Im going yet so i think it will be a real shock when I do, especially as its ridiculously early in the morning! But everything is sorted in Bali so i am a bit looking forwrad to it now. Still scared about coming "home" though, but I do have one or two good friends there too...

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings now but articulating them is not easy.. maybe I will do that next week when I am alone and thoughtful in bali...

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Doc Nielsen said...

If you need a sparring partner, i should be on skype most of the weekend. So if you feel like talking.. ;)
Oh and could you bring me back a souvenir keychain from aussieland? :D