Thursday, 24 April 2008

Balmy Bali

Spent the day cycling along(no cycle helmet aussies!) the coastline from Sanur.. felt rich withdrawing a million Rps from the atm (around 50 quid) Im a queen out here! Cycled up to Sindhu beach, where there are 3 clothes shops and the women owners were apoplecticly trying to get me into their shops, once one started they all did..."you just looking" "look my shop" "no look MY shop" I kinda did want to look, but they scared me so much just cycles away as fast as I could into oncoming traffic..

Next I hit Parigata beach which seemed to be all about water sports with a billion boats in the sea, and locals and local kids flying kites. After that was Segara.. but these beaches with their yellow sands and people yelling at me to look at their shops, just aren't a patch on the white sands and clear waters of Perth!

Cycling along the roads I took in the balmy scent of jasmine and blossoms, mixed with the heavy air. I was slightly surprised to see a Danish design shop (you Danes travel!) and a Swedish restaurant, and I heard so many Danish voices floating through the air.

Back at the hotel now, nursing my mosquito bite from last night which strangely has a purple rash surrounding it. Thinking about going for a quick swim... I seem to be a lot better at swimming now, although still doing that old doggy paddle...

Luke gets it tomorrow night to spend the weekend with me which will be nice, even though he only has one full day here, I will really enjoy his company and fully intend to drag him around to see monkeys!

Bali is quiet and sleepy (well Sanur is) with lots of greenery and blossoms, warm balmy air even at night, and friendly people. The hawkers ruin it slightly for me, but it is charming with all the indiana jones style stone carvings and temple like frontages and buildings about. Bali is one of the only places around here with a hindu majority, as opposed to it's islamic surroundsings, although there are many islamics here, the clothing is more relaxed.

Even managed to find a gelato stop on the cycle back...and it was great gelato too! Yes the way of life here is sedate, met a Canadian woman who is staying here on her own for 2 months! We met over breakfast, both of us sitting there alone with our laptops for company :) The place I am staying is like having your own apartment so many people are here long-term.

Even the nasally american voices dont quite ruin the peacefulness there is here....

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