Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Awesome Aus

I must learn not to judge books by their covers. I mean Australian men are bad spellers and very laid back but they are actually very clever and witty, they just do it in a quieter way and dont feel the need to show off all the time. The women are a lot quicker and more talkative though, but also really nice friendly people :)

So weekend of partying was ok, they were quite tame really, and very well behaved. Met lots of nice people and had a great time. Spent time on the beach and it was amazing, although got hit my a wave and landed on my arse but the water out here is so clear its untrue!

Went out in the city yesterday and got more of a feel of the place. Loving it and the people even more, and instead of passing by the immigration offices, out of interest I walked in, and it appears my skills are very in demand here so theres a high chance I could live here if I wanted...

Dont panic still coming home, but this place is pretty damn amazing from the food to the people to the scenery to the weather. Its awesome.

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Anna said...

Jealous!! i want to be in/living in Australia, rather than this bloody freezing island!
Anyway, glad to see things are going well for you :-).
take care! xx