Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Botox and Bali

So here I am in absolute luxury in Bali- all by myself. Feel incredibly lonesome but maybe it's what I need to get me to focus on going "home" to Denmark. Have a few job leads there now which is good. May take up modeling and acting again now I have time to go to the auditions...

My stuff arrived from Vietnam, although having a nightmare as Piet tried to pick it up but they wouldnt let him without a signature from me (not a lot of fax machines here in the middle of nowhere!) So they may well send it back to Vietnam... argh!

Have been spending time on self development here by the pool... studying dianetics from Scientology and The Secret, trying to improve myself, as well as swimming and running to try and get this excess weight off!!Lots of places here are advertising botox and stuff like that.. considering it..

No one to take pics of me now I'm alone again, so todays pic is another one of me in the desert...lots of pics of me posing here as the light was so nice so more to come...!

Feeling a bit twitchy as not used to being by myself for a while although I do like my own company, it does tend to make me a bit introverted and think a bit too much..

On the last leg of my journey now, not long to go until I am... "home" and I find this very scary...

And Doc, I didn't get you a keyring cos I read your entry too late! Doh.

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