Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Finding myself

On the journey back to Denmark now. I feel like no time has gone by at all, but it has, and I know everyone and everything will have changed or more scarily wont have.

Being met by a stranger at the airport is kind of a new one, but hes being so kind and helping pick up my cats and belongings. More than any of my "friends" offered to do.

I know now that I am a better person for my experiences and all the people I met on the way taught me something about myself or the world. A brief summary of my trip would be..

Finding myself

I found myself in Denmark, in what I thought was love
I ran away from his wily ways, and tried to get him out my heart
I found myself in Vietnam, with people just like me
Petite and like-minded and quietly I sailed on Halong sea.
I found myself in Bangkok, with an American friend
We dallied around Khaosan road
And would later meet up again.

I found myself in Singapore
And met people so kind and nice
And ate Indian and Chinese food all served up with rice
I found myself on an overnight train from Singapore to K.L
Spent time in the sun and then moved on
And then found myself on Borneo

In the jungle I found myself
With 2 Australian men
We kept in touch and little did I know
I would be seeing those two again
I found myself in the Phillippines with that American again
And a woman so desperate who called herself my friend
I partied down with lesbians and danced away the night
Then easter weekend to Australia I boarded a flight.

I found myself in Perth with a very wonderful man
Who made me feel young and safe again
and showed me that I can.
I found myself in Borneo with beautiful clear blue skies
The Australian popped over for a day
What an amazing surprise.

Then I found myself back in bangkok amongst the dirt and noise
And I knew then that I know myself
And that I have to make a choice.
So there you have it. I dont think I am scared anymore. I have been on public transport and found my way around so many different countries I can no longer be afraid of Denmark. Perhaps I am indestructible now....


Dan said...

INDESTRUCTIBLE i like that....

If you keep that mind set then you are sure to be fine.

I cannot believe none of your friends offered to meet you at the airport at the very least. That seems very sad to me...

Anyhow I guess by the time you read this you will be safely sat at home with your cats.

I hope it feels like home....

Anonymous said...

Hi shyguy again!
Not scared is a good place for your head to be at.
I hope you are feeling glad to be home and just remember all the things you learnt about yourself on your trip.
You sound much stronger and independent, you now know what you do not want and that makes finding the right person (and place) so much easier.
Have fun catching up and being stationary for a while.
Trust your heart and your head when they agree with each other (that can be the hard part).
Warm Regards Richard xxx