Thursday, 17 April 2008

The right path.

So I booked a flight, that stops in bali, so im in bali for a week before I head back to bangkok and then home. I dont want to go to bali, I want to stay in Perth!

Great to have friends around helping me motivate and so have been looking into how I could stay here, and it looks possible.

I'm not very expressionable right now, I think I'm so full of emotion that i just don't know what to say. Have met some grest people out here and will miss them, but also miss my mates at home in denmark. Not looking forward to facing all the shit when I get back and a bit concerned that i am very nearly out of coming home and paying rent is going to be fun...scary.

So much to think about and different paths to take. Hope I take the right one this time...!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to head home.
Would have been nice to show you tasmania if you had more time. Cuddling a Tassie Devil is an experience!
hope all goes well with the decision making (and we get to see you back here SOON)
Regards Richard (shyguyrs)

Anonymous said...

Hi again.
After reading your blog further i feel that we have a lot in common and if you would like to chat anytime feel free (0417591308)
How long till you fly out?
Regards Richard

Dan said...

Id agree about Tassie aswell, bloody marvellous place....

Im sure that the right path will find you... Stop looking and it will appear.

Aus is just meant 'to be' the place for some people. Some find it easy to get back, some find it harder. Where there is a will there is a way. And where there is a blagger there is always a chance!

There are worse places to be than Bali for a week aswell eh!

Plus you have to come back because I haven't heard you sing yet!
Dan x